Nigel Price

Born in Cardiff, South Wales Nigel has always dreamt big. He came to North America and pursued his lifelong dreamt of flight. Having been involved with aerial photography and cinematography since the early 80's, Nigel brings a ton of experience and a sound mind to everything Mountain Shadow Productions does. As a pioneer in HD film, Nigel has a unique sense of what it takes in the air and on the ground to get the best possible footage every single time.

Michael Bemister

Although a young cinematographer, Michael has already built an impressive resume. He has been a Director of Photography for two feature-length films, as well as shot footage throughout Asia and North America. Michael is experienced at filming and directing in all types of situations. As the Cineflex Operator, Michael is able to capture amazing high definition aerial shots from any distance, in any conditions. With an extensive background with various high definition cameras and equipment, Michael is able to capture stunning footage with any camera, any time.

Justin Lukach

Justin Lukach is no stranger to the world of television. He just finished hosting the popular travel show "Departures", where he spent the last three years traveling the world and documenting every second of it. He has been in production on every continent and in every situation possible, from sand boarding in Libya, quadding across Mongolia and traveling across North Korea. His experience and love of adventure speaks for itself.